You CAN advertise your Business products on Facebook at a fixed price.

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The joy of social media

Setting up a Facebook store can be easily done if you know how, but the trick is to integrate it so that you don’t have external Ads, pay a monthly fee or a transaction fee just for having the products on Facebook.

  • Promote anytime without spending more
  • No more boosting spend!
  • Target your best product
  • Take payments on the page
  • Link to your website

“Why would you ever want to set up a Facebook Store to sell on Facebook? Well, Facebook has over 1.59 billion active users every single month.That’s 1,590,000,000 active users and potential customers!”

Here’s what “Williamstown Life” owner Emily had to say:

“Just by having the 2016 calendar sitting there, I had people buy daily straight off Facebook without me even speaking to them. All I had to do was send the calendars, or even drop them off if they were local, already bought and paid for.“

With organic only traffic, Emily saw over 4500 views on her pinned Facebook post, linked to her Facebook Sales page and that converted to a profitable handy income stream with no extra work required.

We can set it up, get you running and connect your clients straight to your Paypal, to your website, to your store items, straight from Facebook. Which is exactly how Facebook users like it!!




  • Product image
  • Product description
  • Paypal button x1
  • Footer with your webpage



  • Product image
  • Product description
  • Paypal button x2
  • Footer with your webpage



  • Product image
  • Product description
  • Paypal button x3
  • Footer with your webpage

This page is an EXAMPLE of a 3 product page

Three products aren't enough?

If you have additional products you feel the world needs to know about, send us a private message outlining your needs and we will quote the job.

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Why Mobile Responsive is a must

It’s really valuable to have the mobile friendly version, which is where up to 61% of sales come from - and mobile friendly isn’t available with some of the inbuilt platforms.

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Do you need copy that sells itself?

Let’s face it, your product is brilliant! But how do you convey the immense value you offer properly?


We create content that shows off your astounding brand to your ideal client, attract attention and work with you to create that elusive online revenue. Add that to your order? No problem.

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Paul Edmonds

International Sales Director at BBX International

Since I have known Emma, it didn’t take at all long to realise that her talent comes but very rarely. Giving a recommendation of her many attributes is as much for me a pleasure to give, as to share with those reading it. For anyone wishing to engage with her, you won’t be at all disappointed. Emma’s range in business skills is extraordinary, as is her vocal range in her well documented singing career.

She is extremely thoughtful and precise in her analysis techniques, and provides genuine acceptation of what her client is wishing to achieve. The commitment she offers is as satisfying as the end result she produces. You can be sure that when accountability and reliability are key factors for your consideration, then her expertise in social media makes for a very solid force. Emma has such depth to back her services up, and will deliver time and time again.

Avishai Josephsohn

Director at WeDoItAll Travel

I Recommend Emma, I have used her for my social media...AMAZING!!!!

Save your money and go to Emma, her knowledge is amazing..... a bonus she has a heart of platinum!!!!!